Gift Cards
Dear Saharkhiz Customers,

Do you wish to get Saharkhiz products for your family, friends and loved ones as a gift, and you are not sure which of our products suits them best? Why not let them choose with our gift card for a custom amount. The gift cards are available in various price ranges you can choose.

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• Choose the gift card with the amount you wish to spend
• Make an online payment for the chosen gift card
• Receive the gift card code number and send it to your desired gift recipient
• Your recipient can redeem the gift card against any of our products simply by entering the gift card code number without having to make any further online payments.

Please note that it is also possible to benefit from this service in Iran. Contact Saharkhiz Group Customers’ Service in Iran (Tel: +98 21 22903676), make the payment for the sum of the desired gift card in Iranian Rials, according to the daily exchange rate, and receive your chosen gift card which you can send to your recipient in Canada and the U.S.A.

*Online purchasing of Saharkhiz products is now available in Canada and the U.S.A. We shall notify you when additional regions and countries are able to provide this service.

Here is how:
1. Select a gift card value
A little something for someone special
A great gift for one
Ideal for gifting a couple
Perfect for gifting a family
2. Write a personal message



Our gift cards never expire. After an order, any unused amount remains on the gift card.